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Fariba Fashion House LLC


Fariba comes from an extraordinary family of artist ingrained with a deep passion to create. Modestly Fariba says “I come from a long line of fashion folk; my father ran his own custom clothing shop”. 

As a young fledging Fariba’s fashion preparation entailed many years of creating with her father. Through him Fariba learned and fueled her desire to create fashions to tell a story about who we are as humans in a world filled with many different hue, and shades. “Any style can turn my client to a chic sophisticated woman”. 

With unbreakable ambition, Fariba has exceeded her dream to rebrand the modern day refined woman. “I believe well designed and tailored dresses would telegraph high spirits and elegance simultaneously.” There is a flawless fit for everyone, no matter their shape or size. 

The link between mood and appearance is clear with Fariba. Clothing has a vital influence on our frame of mind and our feelings. Our closet encompasses a boundless quantity of channels to amplify our most confident state of mind. Just contemplate for a moment what success will come when we are not flustered with the worry of appearances. Fariba Fashion House creates an outlet to what we know we are preordained to become.